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We are giving back to the open source community!

We love open source and we share with the community the tools we developed for our own internal use. Here is a small list of our community projects. Not all are listed here, for a full reference, please visit our github repository.

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Mail API Service

The Mail service is an Email microservice that sends emails using mustache-based templates. It was built to allow our development teams at 2amigos to avoid having to configure mail over and over on projects involving a microservices infrastructure.
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Usuario Module

Highly customizable and extensible user management, authentication, and authorization Yii2 extension.
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Highly enhanced GridView widget and grid components for Yii2
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Flysystem Component Library

Flysystem API for your Yii 2 applications.
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Mail Queue Library

Mailer library with queue capabilities
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Selectize Widget

Renders a Selectize.js hybrid textbox.
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Bootstrap DatePicker

Renders a DatePicker or a DateRangePicker.
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