How We Work

We start each and every project off with discovery. The project needs to be understood to be designed and built, and without some decent knowledge as a base you just cannot plan accordingly.
To get this understanding, we ask a lot of questions, and we listen . We then ask the product owners if what we think we learned is correct.

We will also ask if we can get access to the application’s target audience to check with them to see if any details are missed, and to make sure we are not building a mistake based on assumption.

After discovery, we huddle up and put together a specification document with a development plan that is straightforward and covers the core of what needs to be built, as well as further recommendations for the scope and beyond. The build process is now ready to begin.

We use agile development principals. That means we iterate features and deliver incrementally . The end of each iteration will be something that can be used, reviewed, tested and then later improved upon. We expect and need feedback on each iteration . Some more discovery. This is not the end of the project, but just another go around of a loop. This breeds better quality as testing is integrated through the lifecycle, allowing adjustments to be made based on user inspection and reaction.

The whole process is visible to all stakeholders involved in the project . These small incremental releases help identify issues early and provide risk management. Discover >build >review >repeat . The cycle is the same whether it is a new or a live product. This is how we work to provide ourselves and our clients a project success rate we are all proud of and enjoy.

Our Process

Our 12 Points Of Culture


I am 100% committed to succeed in my job, in each and every task undertaken, and to the success of the company and my teammates. I embrace the Vision, Mission and Culture of 2amigos and I commit to them.


I am always truthful and honorable in dealings with the customer, my team and myself. What I promise is what I deliver. I inform at the rst opportunity of any issues that could or will lead to a broken promise.


I strive to deliver exactly what is needed and beyond. I test to ensure it is correct. I understand not only the task at hand, but the implied and related items required for that task to be complete.

4. FUN

I enjoy what I do, and it shows to the people around me. Creating is an enjoyable journey that I share with the team and customers.


The minimum required is not enough. I always seek to perform and deliver beyond expectation and constantly raise the standard. I work smarter to deliver more with less by being innovative.


If I am fearless there is no problem that cannot be solved. I lift myself up when I am down, and I turn failures into lessons learned to achieve success. I ask for help when I need it. I understand that no one is a superman, but with brave persistence all obstacles can be overcome.


I am not just a seeker of knowledge, but I also learn from my mistakes. Continual learning is a skill that allows me to bridge imagination and reality. I cannot gain knowledge, nor stay current in my eld, without taking time to learn and improve.


I take pride and ownership in all that I say, do and deliver. I say without reservation that this is my work. I have enough pride in myself to respect my teammates, the company and the clients. Everyone has put in hard work and ideas and has earned that respect.


I am for my team and my team is for me. Together we can build anything.


Relationships between all, staff to staff and staff to client, based on mutual respect, understanding and openness. I listen before I speak, and I speak positively. I ask questions to gain understanding, and I offer thoughtful ideas and opinions when warranted.


I believe user experiences must maintain intuitiveness and simplicity. To deliver an excellent product, I ask myself, “if I were the user of this product, what would my expectations be?” I apply this to criteria, flows and designs whenever possible.


I understand that the existing method is not always the best method. I seek to improve thru innovation and overcome rules that have become obstacles.

We Open Source

We have and continue to develop many tools and libraries to speed up our projects then we release them to the open source community. It's our way of contributing, and we love it.
See all our Open Source repositories and code on github.